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Pipeline Pictures

Cowboy and Indian Alliance: click here
Randy Thompson
(landowner at the heart of the “I Stand with Randy” campaign): click here
First Pipeline Rally (can be used for free, with attribution to Mitch Paine):click here
Canadian Tarsands Mining (with attribution’s listed on the pics):
All of Bold Nebraska’s pictures:

Pipeline Videos

Bold Nebraska’s Youtube page:
Compilation of Landowners speaking about land and TransCanada bullying: 
Cindy Myers (with permission of National Wildlife):
Randy Thompson (with permission of National Wildlife):
Lynda Buoy (with permission of Bold Nebraska):
Susan Luebbe (with permission of Bold Nebraska):
More on Randy Thompson
, Randy is the landowner at the center of our “I Stand with Randy” campaign

Pipeline Info

TransCanada jobs claims debunked by Cornell University Global Labor Institute:

Poll results from Sept 2011 showing Nebraskans support a ballot initiative to protect natural resources:

Dr. Stansbury, from UNL, report on worst case spills:

Oil Not Destined for United States report:

UNL Dept. Ag Economics paper on the pipeline:

Bold Nebraska resource page:

NWF report on pipeline:

Sierra Club profile of individuals affected by pipeline:

Joint report on pipeline safety:

TransCanada uses faulty steel report:

Congressional Memo on role of state vs federal regulations and responsibility of oil pipelines, 9/20/2010: download PDF (pg 5 of the memo outlines state’s authority to route the pipeline and how Nebraska’s eminent domain law gives TransCanada authority to take Nebraskans’ land)

Packet of background pipeline information for press roundtable, 3/30/2011: download PDF

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Health Reform Resources

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act.  Information on the law and contact information for groups actively working on the issue are below.

Resources, Blogs and Reports

The government’s website on the law is:

Recent polling shows most Americans want to keep the law as is or make changes to it rather than repeal the law:

Blog- Rick Poore, small business owner writes on benefits of law:

Blog- Nebraska Appleseed writes about the benefits of the law for small business:

Report- Center for Rural Affairs releases report “Affordable Care Act, What’s in it? Health Insurance Exchanges That Work for Rural”:

Nebraska Contacts

Dr. McKinney, 402-239-8596, (doctor in rural Nebraska supportive of reform)

Rick Poore, 402-560-2736, (small business owner supportive of reform)

Center for Rural Affairs, Jon Crabtree, 402-687-2100, or Jon Bailey, 402-687-2100,

Nebraska AARP, Devorah Lanner, 402-304-6172,  

Nebraska American Cancer Society, David Holmquist, Nebraska Director of Government Relations, david.holmquist@cancer.org402.398.0777

Nebraska Appleseed, 402-438-8853

Nebraska Farmers Union, John Hansen, 402-476-8815,

Nebraska NAMI, Jonah Deppe,