As Nebraska landowners continue to face TransCanada in the courtroom, it is critical we continue to show our resistance to the unnecessary and risky Keystone XL pipeline.

We need to discuss and be prepared for how we will continue to stand up for our land and water, should Trump find a permit application for the once-rejected KXL pipeline on his desk next year.

We know it will not be as simple as Trump putting pen to paper, as Nebraska’s legal situation is still up in the air.

Should TransCanada elect to apply for a permit via the Public Service Commission (PSC) process, this will require public input — and there is further language in those rules which would potentially prevent TransCanada from using the same route.

We also know that TransCanada cannot use eminent domain until September 2017.

Join us to talk about all of this and more, as we meet and strategize for the next year to support those who are standing up for our land and water. We will also discuss other Bold projects. (Pie and coffee will be served.)

WHAT: NoKXL Community Meeting
WHEN: Monday, Jan. 30, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
WHERE: O’Neill Community Center, 501 S. 4TH ST. O’NEILL, NE 68763