When it comes to state aid for education, Dave Heineman can’t seem to agree with Dave Heineman. The Lincoln Journal Star recently revealed the governor’s Jekyll and Hyde problem.

During last year’s special legislative session, the governor suggested cutting state aid for education.

But when his new gubernatorial opponent Mike Meister recently suggested that he was considering the same idea, Heineman lashed out claiming such a move would increase property taxes. The governor also called on state senators like Heath Mello to stand with him in opposing any such cuts.

Seems like governor forgot that during that same special session, Mello made the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT.

Major kudos to Heath Mello for responding with sass and class in this article to the governor’s about-face.

We appreciate that Heineman’s actually showing a positive interest in Nebraska children’s futures. We only wish he’d do it when it’s the right thing, not just convenient to his political career.