The State Department said on Feb. 9 that it has received TransCanada’s re-submitted application for Keystone XL and will now “conduct a review of the application in accordance with the Presidential Memorandum and any other applicable requirements.”

In a shocking silencing of the massive public opposition to the project, Trump’s State Dept. said that the federal government is “not inviting further comment at this time.”


Jane Kleeb, Bold Alliance, 402-705-3622,

Bold Alliance Responds to Trump State Dept.’s Keystone XL Statement Silencing Opposition by Rejecting Any Public Comments

Hastings, NE — Bold Alliance responded on Friday to President Trump’s State Dept. memo on the status of TransCanada’s re-submission of a permit application for its Keystone XL pipeline project, and announcement that the federal government will accept no public comments on this pipeline application.

Breaking with the established federal review process at the State Dept. for pipelines, the memo noted that the Trump administration “is not inviting further public comment at this time.”

“Donald Trump is running the United States government like a dictator. He is not taking public comments to applications from a foreign pipeline company, using Russian steel to build an export pipeline,” said Bold Alliance president Jane Kleeb. “Trump is telling the press they are the opposition party. He lies every single day. We have no confidence in Donald Trump or the Big Oil CEO now in charge of the State Department. We will turn now to elected officials in our own state to protect property rights of Americans and to protect our water supplies.”

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State Dept. KXL Memo