At the tea party rally in Omaha on July 3rd, staff for Terry’s campaign stood in front of our camera with “Lee Terry for Congress” signs. Turns out books aren’t the only thing “All Talk” Terry wants to ban… 

“All Talk” Terry pontificated about the founding fathers, taxes, liberty, and the voice of the people. He literally said, “We want the American people to be active and to be heard.” 

His words rang hollow as the nonplussed crowd watched Terry’s “blue crew”, as they are called, chase cameras around the park, refusing to let citizen journalists like us film their boss. (Apologies to Creighton fans that these bullies have sullied their moniker.) 

This is just more evidence that Terry’s all talk and no action. Instead of having an open dialogue with people who may disagree with him, he hides behind campaign signs as he delivers a contrived speech with empty words. Maybe we should just call him what Thomas Paine would have–a sunshine patriot

Terry doesn’t give a whiff for liberty or transparency as long as he can get away with making progressives look like disruptive antagonists. This strikes me as ironic because a 4-inch flipcam 10 yards away seems far less disruptive than a 5-foot campaign sign shoved in my face and a guy twice my size trying to stare me down. 

“All Talk” Terry stands in front of crowds and gripes about the overreach of the government which is easy to do when the only thing you’ve done in your legislative career is to name a post office

Nebraskans deserve a man of action. William Jennings Bryan, Father Flannigan, and Bo Pelini are all men of action. They’re names we hold high in our state because they were never afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. 

So Terry’s right. November’s coming (despite republicans trouble telling time, it does move forward). And when it does, the second district has to decide if they want to keep a sunshine patriot like “All Talk” Terry or elect a Nebraskan who will walk the walk.