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Our Team

Board of Directors


Rick Poore: Rick is a small business owner in Lincoln. Starting his business DesignWear in 1994, Rick has seen first hand the role small business owners can have in shaping policies that affect his work and his employees.


Dr. Amanda McKinney: Amanda is a doctor in rural Nebraska. She grew up in Odell and her grandfather was a member of Nebraska’s Congressional delegation in the 1960s. Dr. McKinney was one of three doctors on stage with President Obama during a critical moment in the fight for healthcare reform.



Editor and Founder, Jane Kleeb: Jane believes politics matter. She was a reporter for MTV, frequent guest on FOX and MSNBC and key advisor for “Thin” a documentary on eating disorders. Jane led a statewide organizing campaign on health care reform, served as the national executive director of the Young Democrats of America, the foundation director for Renfrew a mental health facility and headed up an AmeriCorps program. Jane has a "thing" for training manuals, flip charts and icebreakers. She lives in a small rural town, Hastings, with her husband Scott, an energy entrepreneur.  On the weekends you can see plenty of instagram pics of cooking, shooting a bow and her three daughters running around outside. Email Jane: Follow @janekleeb.


Program Coordinator, Amy Schaffer: As a Sandhills native, Amy has a strong connection and love for the land and water of Nebraska. She was a key leader in the fight against Keystone XL, organizing farmers and ranchers to protect their property rights. Amy has spent the last fifteen years working in the oncology field, experiencing first-hand the devastation of chemicals and carcinogens negatively affecting people’s health. This has fueled her passion to protect our food supply, land and water. As a new mom, she strongly believes in taking a stand to protect the land, water and climate for the next generation.


Digital Director + Events Manager, Mark Hefflinger: Mark was born and raised in Omaha, and received a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications from Boston College. He has worked as a journalist in California, covering the digital media industry, music and LGBT issues, and more recently has been an online organizer for progressive causes. Mark worked on the No on Proposition 8 campaign in California in 2008, and afterwards with organizations including the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center on voter outreach on marriage equality. In 2012, Mark was the New Media Director on CREDO SuperPAC’s successful Congressional campaign that ousted a 30-year conservative, climate change-denying Congressman in Northern California. Email Mark:


Energy Director, Ben Gotschall: Ben was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Sandhills of southwest Holt County, Nebraska.  Although most of his occupations have been agricultural, he has also published a full-length book of poetry and taught college English.  He continues to maintain a connection to the Sandhills, running his own cattle business and helping his family manage the ranch, while finding the time to write, play music, and work on behalf of farmers and ranchers with the Nebraska Farmers Union and other organizations.  Email Ben:


Designer, Justin Kemerling: As a community-minded designer and activist, consider Justin an extremely interested party in how America exists in the world, what it means to be a global citizen today and how to make change beautiful. For more: JKDC.

BOLD Nebraska
208 S. Burlington Ave., Ste 103, Box 325, Hastings, NE 68901