Take Action: Help Nebraska Medicaid Bill Get a Vote!

Mark Hefflinger

A crucial piece of legislation is being obstructed in the Legislature.  We need your help!
(Originally posted at Nebraska Appleseed)

LB 577, the bill that would extend Medicaid coverage, would help 54,000 uninsured, working Nebraskans get access to health care.  It would provide security to our rural hospitals, our working families, and our veterans.  It is beneficial to our economy, returning $2.3 billion to our state.  And it would save an estimated 500 lives every year.

However, a small group of opponents of the bill will not allow LB 577 to come to a vote in the Legislature.  Senators need to hear from you!  This issue is too important not to receive a vote this year!

Wednesday is a day of action on LB 577.  Please contact your senator today!

Stand with 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans.  They deserve a vote.

Stand with our rural hospitals.  They deserve a vote.

Stand with working families.  They deserve a vote.

Stand with the 500 lives the Medicaid expansion will save each year.  They deserve a vote.

Stand with the people in your life and the hospitals and businesses in your community that could be helped by LB 577.

Contact your senator and tell them LB 577 needs to come to a vote.  The message can be quick and simple.  Just tell them who you are, where you live, and that LB 577 deserves a vote.

Follow Appleseed on Twitter and on Facebook today to see how you can take action further to help LB 577 get an up-or-down vote in the Legislature.

Thank you for all you have done so far!  We are so close.  Your voice can make all the difference!

Click here to find your state senator online

Sen. Greg Adams  (402) 471-2756

Sen. Brad Ashford  (402) 471-2622

Sen. Bill Avery (402) 471-2633

Sen. Dave Bloomfield  (402) 471-2716

Sen. Kate Bolz  (402) 471-2734

Sen. Lydia Brasch  (402) 471-2728

Sen. Kathy Campbell  (402) 471-2731

Sen. Tom Carlson  (402) 471-2732

Sen. Ernie Chambers  (402) 471-2612

Sen. Mark Christensen  (402) 471-2805

Sen. Colby Coash  (402) 471-2632

Sen. Danielle Conrad  (402) 471-2720

Sen. Tanya Cook  (402) 471-2727

Sen. Sue Crawford  (402) 471-2615

Sen. Al Davis  (402) 471-2628

Sen. Annette Dubas  (402) 471-2630

Sen. Mike Gloor  (402) 471-2617

Sen. Ken Haar  (402) 471-2673

Sen. Galen Hadley  (402) 471-2726

Sen. Tom Hansen  (402) 471-2729

Sen. John Harms  (402) 471-2802

Sen. Burke Harr  (402) 471-2722

Sen. Sara Howard  (402) 471-2723

Sen. Charlie Janssen  (402) 471-2625

Sen. Jerry Johnson  (402) 471-2719

Sen. Russ Karpisek  (402) 471-2711

Sen. Bill Kintner  (402) 471-2613

Sen. Rick Kolowski  (402) 471-2327

Sen. Bob Krist  (402) 471-2718

Sen. Tyson Larson  (402) 471-2801

Sen. Steve Lathrop  (402) 471-2623

Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh  (402) 471-2618

Sen. Beau McCoy  (402) 471-2885

Sen. Amanda McGill  (402) 471-2610

Sen. Heath Mello  (402) 471-2710

Sen. John Murante  (402) 471-2725

Sen. John Nelson  (402) 471-2714

Sen. Jeremy Nordquist  (402) 471-2721

Sen. Pete Pirsch  (402) 471-2621

Sen. Scott Price  (402) 471-2627

Sen. Jim Scheer  (402) 471-2929

Sen. Ken Schilz  (402) 471-2616

Sen. Paul Schumacher  (402) 471-2715

Sen. Les Seiler  (402) 471-2712

Sen. Jim Smith  (402) 471-2730

Sen. Kate Sullivan  (402) 471-2631

Sen. Norm Wallman  (402) 471-2620

Sen. Dan Watermeier  (402) 471-2733

Sen. John Wightman  (402) 471-2642

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