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PETITION: Stand With Family Farmers, Not Corporate Pigs

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The bill (LB 176) that would allow foreign corporations — like the Chinese-owned meatpacking company Smithfield — to own pork in Nebraska has already been approved on a first vote in the Legislature, and the second and final vote could come as early as this week.

This corporate-friendly bill would put family farmers out of business.

If the meatpackers own our livestock, corporate-raised pork will dominate our grocery store shelves. This means less care for the animal, more water pollution, and lower-quality food.(1)

LB 176 also gives the vertically-integrated corporate “factory farming” system more economic power over Nebraska’s family farmers.(2)

We must send our Senators a strong message that we want to see family farmers and our water protected.

TELL the Legislature:  Stand with family farmers, not corporate pigs.

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Smithfield also recently made campaign donations to a number of Nebraska state senators who are now backing the corporate-friendly LB 176, including:(3)

  • Sen. Heath Mello ($500)
  • Sen. Rick Kolowski ($750)
  • Sen. Patty Pansing-Brooks ($500)
  • Sen. Burke Harr ($500)

If pigs go down the route of contracted ownership, then beef will be next. Raising livestock is the job of the family farmer, not Chinese-owned multi-nationals!

Help protect our family farms and our food system in Nebraska.

Tell Nebraska Senators: Stand with family farmers, not corporate pigs. 

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Thanks for all you do.

Jane and the Bold Nebraska team


1. “Boss Hog: The Dark Side of America’s Top Pork Producer,”, 12/14/06.

2. “Opponents catch whiff of bought influence with pig packer bill,” Lincoln Journal Star, 1/20/16.

3. “Money Behind Corporate Pigs,”, 1/20/16.

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