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Donate: Nebraska Landowners Fighting Keystone XL, Eminent Domain in Court

Chip in to help cover landowners' legal costs

Terry Van Housen at his feedlot in Stromsburg, NE that lies in the proposed path of the Keystone XL pipeline. (Photo by Mary Anne Andrei)

In the past week, foreign oil corp. TransCanada has filed eminent domain claims against Nebraska farmers and ranchers who are refusing to give up their land for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

A strong group of these landowners are banding together to file their own lawsuits challenging eminent domain, and have pledged to fight TransCanada all the way to the Supreme Court.

Chip in $25 now to help fund landowners’ legal fight against eminent domain and KXL.

The legal team at Domina Law Group is confident that the Nebraska Supreme Court will hear these landowners’ claims. We have a good chance of the high court ruling in our favor to find Nebraska’s pipeline siting law (LB 1161) unconstitutional since landowners will now have the “standing” legal aspect covered which is why the high court did not rule on LB 1161 the first time around.

This outcome would put TransCanada back at square one in Nebraska, with no approved route and no eminent domain powers.

In the meantime, close to 100 landowners are facing tough decisions on whether they can take on the financial burden and stresses involved with eminent domain litigation — which could go on for as long as 2 years, as our last case did.

Read up on the lawsuits landowners recently filed challenging eminent domain.

You can help ease the burden on landowners fighting to protect our land, water and climate for our grandchildren by chipping in to their legal defense fund.

Give $25 or whatever you can to support landowners’ legal fight against Keystone XL.

After you donate, you can see all the actions you and your friends can take to help stop this risky pipeline once and for all.

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