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Jan. 5th Pipeline Rally at State Capitol

Join us on the capitol steps, opening day of our state legislature, to remind State Senators and Governor Heineman that it is their duty to protect our land and water from the risky TransCanada pipeline.

The rally is scheduled for Jan. 5th, noon, at the state capitol on the West side under the statue of President Lincoln.

You can sign up on Facebook right now and invite your friends to come along! You can also 




Event Details:


Noon–arrive at State Capitol, go to the Lincoln statue on 14 Street (between H and K Streets)

12:05–unveil what happens if we let a spill happen (a visual will be displayed that will be held by advocates)

12:20pm–visit key State Senators, Gov. Heineman and Attorney General Bruning with information on the dangers of the pipeline and what laws other states have passed to protect their homes and water (advocates will bring info to assigned offices)

12:40pm–wrap up event

There are many opportunities to join us in our opposition to the TransCanada pipeline. 

Please email us if you want to help organize or participate in the events or have any questions. If you belong to a group, please pass the word around to your members.

If you want to read more about the pipeline, check out our TransCanada Pipeline Resource page.

Sponsored by: Bold Nebraska, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Nebraska Sierra Club, Nebraska Farmers Union, Audubon Nebraska, League of Conservation Voters, Nebraska Green Party, Guardians of the Good Life, Nebraskans for Peace and the local chapter of

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Let people know about BOLD Nebraska:

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