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Coash Must End Ties to Nugent

Sen. Coash, once viewed as a moderate even progressive Republican (he said he supported universal health care for example), is not backing away from hosting an event with Ted Nugent.

While Nebraska Watchdog reports Sen. Coash took to Facebook to say Ted Nugent can no longer speak on his behalf, the senator has yet to say he will no longer hold any fundraisers or any other type of events with Ted Nugent.

Ted Nugent got a door knock from the Secret Service because of his threatening remarks made to the NRA but also on Omaha’s KFAB radio show, where he clearly states he is NOT trying to be funny:

Nugent: “If Obama gets back in, I’m either in jail or dead.”
Nugent: “I didn’t mean that to be funny.”
Davis: “No, I know.  I know you’re serious.  There’s no question in my mind that you’re dead serious on this”
Nugent: “When I’m coming in, I’m going to be doing a fundraiser, a celebration for Coash when I get there. And, we want to make sure that our elected officials are the good guys, and I want to help promote this guy and make sure that we get him elected into office.”

Nothing about Ted Nugent’s words are funny. Nothing about Ted Nuggent violating laws around black bears is funny.

The Army cancelled a show with Ted Nugent, but Sen. Coash is still moving ahead with holding an event with this reckless rockstar.

Bold Nebraska highlighted Sen. Coash in the past as a champion for families, so our disappointment is deep. 

Join us by contacting Sen. Coash. Tell him we support gun rights, we don’t support reckless rockstars who make threats to our president and give all responsible gun owners a bad name. It’s time to end all ties to Ted Nugent. No fundraisers, no events.




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