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TAKE ACTION: Bills Under Consideration in the Nebraska Legislature


During the 2015 session of the Nebraska Unicameral, Bold Nebraska is working with partner organizations including Nebraskans for Civic Reform, Nebraska Appleseed, Common Cause Nebraska, Center for Rural Affairs, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Nebraska Farmers Union and Nebraska Sierra Club to bring you informed coverage of bills under consideration, and actions you can take like testifying at the Capitol, or calling and emailing... Read More

Keystone Decision in Sight: What You Can Do and Why It Matters


The State Department set a clear timeline for all Federal Agencies to submit comments on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Feb. 2, 2015. This is a big development in the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline. As we told Lincoln Journal Star, our intention with supporting the new landowner lawsuits is not about pausing... Read More

ACLU of Nebraska Marriage Equality Lawsuit and Legislature Equality Agenda


Bold Nebraska supports marriage equality and the efforts of local groups including the ACLU of Nebraska, HRC Nebraska, and state senators working to put in place protections for the LGBT community in the workplace, housing, and elsewhere inequalities still exist. ACTIONS: ACLU Nebraska Freedom to Marry Benefit: Jan. 29 in Omaha (House of Loom) Sign... Read More

MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Interviews Nebraska Landowners Facing Eminent Domain for Keystone XL

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.49.00 PM

MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” visited Nebraska last weekend to interview farmers and ranchers who are now facing eminent domain claims by TransCanada to seize their land for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The interviews were conducted at the farm house of the Harrington sisters, whose family has farmed their land for over 150 years. Down the... Read More

Donate: Nebraska Landowners Fighting Keystone XL, Eminent Domain in Court

Terry VanHousen

In the past week, foreign oil corp. TransCanada has filed eminent domain claims against Nebraska farmers and ranchers who are refusing to give up their land for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. A strong group of these landowners are banding together to file their own lawsuits challenging eminent domain, and have pledged to fight TransCanada all... Read More

Neal Obermeyer Cartoon Targets School Board Member With Racist Blog


This new editorial cartoon from Neal Obermeyer digs into the controversy surrounding Patrick McPherson, a board member of the Nebraska Board of Education who was discovered to have penned several racist blog posts, including one that refers to President Obama as a “half-breed.” On Wednesday, the State Board of Education will consider a resolution calling on... Read More

State Sen. Ernie Chambers Introduces Bill to Repeal Eminent Domain Power of TransCanada


Many thanks to Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers — so often the only voice of reason in our state legislature, and a tireless and outspoken advocate for those without a voice — for introducing LB 473 today. The bill would repeal the law (LB 1161) that gave pipeline companies like TransCanada eminent domain authority to... Read More

Nebraska Landowners Urge Sen. McConnell to Vote “No Eminent Domain for Private Gain” in Keystone XL Bill

Bonnie, Mike, Jackie, and Richard Kilmurry

For Immediate Release: January 22, 2015 Contact: Jane Kleeb,, 402-705-3622 Nebraska Landowners Urge Sen. McConnell to Vote “No Eminent Domain for Private Gain” in Keystone XL Bill Lincoln, NE — A group of farmers and ranchers whose land would be put at risk by the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline sent a letter to... Read More

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