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Wisconsin Politicians Should Listen to Landowners

Eminent Domain_iowa

Pipeline company Enbridge has been working to make Wisconsin a super-highway for tarsands. While making plans to expand their octopus of pipelines that crosses farmland and lakes, Enbridge was also secretly working with the Wisconsin state legislature to expand eminent domain authority. Landowners are organizing against Enbridge. Many of the landowners already have FOUR pipelines... Read More

Climate Scientist Dr. James Hansen to Speak at Berkshire Shareholder Meeting in Omaha

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.36.40 PM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 20, 2016 CONTACT: Dr. James Hansen, Mark Vasina, Nebraska Peace Foundation 402-890-6958, Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska 402-705-3622,   Climate Scientist James Hansen to Speak at Berkshire Hathaway Meeting Omaha — Internationally renowned climate expert Dr. James Hansen will be in Omaha Saturday, April 30 to speak at the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting.... Read More

Whistleblower: Bad Welds Will Cause More Tar Sands Pipeline Spills


For Immediate Release: April 18, 2016 Contact: Jane Kleeb,, 402-705-3622 David Turnbull,, 202-316-3499 Andy Pearson,, 612-600-5951 Winona LaDuke,, 218-280-1720 Lindsay Meiman,, 347-460-9082 Jonathon Berman,, 202-297-7533 Dallas Goldtooth,, 708-515-6158 Aldo Seoane,, 605-319-8151 Whistleblower: Bad Welds Will Cause More Tar Sands Pipeline Spills According to a TransCanada whistleblower, the... Read More

April 30: Book Signing With Ken Ilgunas, Pipeline Walker & Author of “Trespassing Across America”

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.17.39 PM

Join us on Saturday, April 30th at Chances ‘R’ Restaurant in Y0rk, Nebraska for a book signing, talk and meet-and-greet with Ken Ilgunas, who many Pipeline Fighters know from his walk along the length of the Keystone XL pipeline route. Ken has just published “Trespassing Across America,” a book that chronicles his walk along the... Read More

Nebraska Public Service Commission Hires Former TransCanada Employee


If past experience predicts the future, one can assume Scott Coburn was given a monetary bonus from TransCanada to secure his position as an employee for the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC).   Interestingly enough, he is taking a significant pay cut from his $120,000 job with Enbridge, where he works from home!  The Lincoln Journal... Read More

PETITION: Shut TransCanada’s Keystone Down and Investigate Pipeline Integrity


When it was constructed in 2010, TransCanada predicted its Keystone pipeline would leak once every seven years. The pipeline actually leaked *12* times during just its first year of operation. (1) The Keystone pipeline has now experienced more than 30 spills since it launched in 2010 — including the most recent 17,000-gallon tarsands and benzene... Read More

Landowners, Experts React to TransCanada Keystone Pipeline Spill


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 8, 2016 Contact: Jane Kleeb, 402-705-3622, Art Tanderup, 402-278-0942, Paul Blackburn, 612-599-5568, Landowners, Experts React to TransCanada Keystone Pipeline Spill Foreign company orders “no-fly” zone over spill site; underestimates spilled oil volume by tens of thousands of gallons Lincoln — Bold Nebraska is currently monitoring the spill on... Read More

April 30: Climate Rally at Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting


SIGN the PETITION: Tell Warren Buffett to #ActOnClimate Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) has made big investments in renewable energy through its energy companies. But these same energy companies continue to burn a huge amount of coal — one of the chief contributors to climate change — while Buffett has also continued to make new investments in... Read More

TransCanada Fails the Safety Test Again: A Timeline of the South Dakota Keystone I Pipeline Spill


Sign the Petition Calling for TransCanada to Shut Down Keystone I and Investigate Pipeline Integrity As citizens have testified over the last decade, TransCanada’s leak detection system is not fool proof–this weekend when the pipeline spilled, a landowner called in the oil sheen. TransCanada’s leak detection system which they bragged about all the time failed.... Read More

PETITION: Tell Nebraska AG Doug Peterson—Investigate Exxon’s Climate Fraud


  SIGN: INVESTIGATE EXXON’S CLIMATE FRAUD Blockbuster investigative reporting last fall uncovered that Exxon knew about climate change way back in the 1970s, but failed to disclose the warnings to the public, and in fact went on to spend millions funding a network of climate science-denying think tanks, organizations and politicians. (1, 2) The award-winning... Read More

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