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Heading to Paris Climate Talks? Offset Your Flight’s Carbon


>>PARIS CARBON OFFSET<< Heading to Paris for the U.N. global climate change talks at the Conference of Parties (COP)? You’ll likely be burning over a ton of CO2 during your round-trip flight overseas, but here’s a creative way to offset that carbon while helping to protect land and water: PARIS CARBON OFFSET: Your donation will offset... Read More

Statement on TransCanada Withdrawal of Keystone XL Application at Nebraska Public Service Commission

no permit_no pipeline

TransCanada Withdraws Keystone XL Application at Nebraska Public Service Commission Bold Nebraska urges TransCanada to be a ‘good neighbor,’ return pipeline land easements to Nebraska landowners Lincoln — TransCanada said on Wednesday that it will withdraw its application for a route to build Keystone XL currently pending before the Nebraska Public Service Commission. “TransCanada knew... Read More

Nov. 19: Nebraska Public Service Commission Meeting on Keystone XL Application


The Nebraska Public Service Commission is moving forward with a scheduled “planning conference” on Thursday, Nov. 19 to discuss TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline — despite the fact that President Obama has already rejected TransCanada’s federal cross-border permit application, with the President and the State Department concluding that the pipeline is not... Read More

Nobel Laureates Applaud President Obama’s Rejection of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline


Nobel Laureates Applaud President Obama’s Rejection of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline “A dangerous fossil fuel driven future can no longer be considered inevitable; the climate impacts have become too serious and too devastating to ignore.” WASHINGTON (November 12, 2015) – 10 Nobel Peace Prize laureates have offered their sincere congratulations to President Obama... Read More

Guest Post by Kenny Bruno: Lessons From Behind the Scenes of KXL Campaign

Kenny Bruno at an Exxon protest in his "younger" days.

“Keystone XL Campaign: Lessons from Behind the Scenes” is a piece below that Kenny Bruno shared with me recently. His reflections are worth getting a cup of coffee and taking in the long read. No one will capture everyone’s individual experience working to stop Keystone XL, because each person came from a different place and a... Read More

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