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Write a #NoKXL Letter to the Editor

Tips for Writing #NoKXL Letters to the Editor Letters to your local paper are very powerful tools to get your voice heard not only to your local community, but to elected officials as well since they read the local papers to get a gauge on how the public feels about key issues. You can also […]

Send a #NoKXL Comment to the Nebraska Public Service Commission

While President Trump just rubber-stamped his approval of a federal permit for TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline — he doesn’t get the final word on KXL — Nebraska does. TransCanada still needs a permit for a route through Nebraska, and has filed with the¬†Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC),¬†which just launched an 8-12 month review of […]
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Speak Out Against Keystone XL at Nebraska County Board Meetings

The Nebraska Public Service Commission has reached out to local Nebraska county boards along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route, to solicit their views regarding the proposed route — and whether they believe Keystone XL is in the public interest. Bold is encouraging Pipeline Fighters to attend your next County Board meeting to find out […]

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