Tell Sen. Jim Smith: Resign as Nebraska chair of ALEC






Secret documents from the right-wing lobbying group American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) unearthed by The Guardian reveal that ALEC is proposing its state chairs — like State Sen. Jim Smith in Nebraska — take an “oath” to put ALEC’s agenda above all else, including their constituents.

Sen. Smith is supposed to represent the people of Nebraska. He must stop doing the bidding of ALEC’s Big Business backers by pushing their extreme right-wing policies.


While ALEC’s extreme agenda, which includes pushing “Stand Your Ground” and “Voter ID” laws in the states, has caused many of its corporate sponsors to abandon the organization — including Coca-Cola, Kraft, McDonalds, Walmart, and just this week, VISA — TransCanada is still a proud supporter of ALEC.

Resolutions urging the President and Congress to approve Keystone XL that were written by ALEC and include paragraphs lifted directly from TransCanada’s own public relations talking points were introduced in six states by legislators beholden to ALEC.

In Nebraska, Sen. Jim Smith did the bidding of ALEC and TransCanada by introducing LB 1161, the bill that fast-tracked the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline route in Nebraska.

Smith is also the subject of an outstanding state ethics board complaint, over his extravagant ALEC-funded trip up to the tarsands of Alberta, where he toured TransCanada’s headquarters and was wined and dined by the lobby group at a venue called (we’re not joking) “The Petroleum Club.”

Tell Sen. Jim Smith to represent his constituents, not Big Oil and corporations, and resign as chair of ALEC in Nebraska.

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